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The Connect And Move Radio was created out of the desire for human conversation and interaction. 

The idea for this show stemmed from Andy Fortuna, the founder of MyoRenew, and his frequent heart to heart conversations with his abuelo about life. Inspired by unique stories, lessons, and challenges that could help impact other athletes...but only if the conversations could somehow be shared with others.

The guests all have a diverse background; some from Strength and Conditioning, Physical Therapy, Business Consulting, Mindset Coaching, Professional Sports, Collegiate Athletes, Mental Health, and many other forms of health and performance.

It takes the experience of these guest being tested through time, challenges, set backs, and late nights to achieve success in their field, industry, and sport.

This podcast is for the athlete and the coach. Guest share their experience , share their knowledge, and give us a the fuel to optimize our lives.

Our aim is for this podcast to inspire your own journey and growth to become the best version of you.


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