Our Mission

We are here to help you effectively build longterm sustainability via mental and physical resilience 

About the Founder

Andy Fortuna is the founder and lead therapist here at MyoRenew.

He understands that the human body is a special organism composed of many systems working together for optimal balance and harmony. For this reason, he combines a holistic approach that integrates both mind and body health to facilitate natural healing and optimal performance in each session. 

Other than finding new ways to move and enjoy the outdoors, Andy enjoys hanging out and watching quality movies with his wife Ana.


  • Bachelors In Science Kinesiology - University of Texas Pan-American
  • Masters in Science Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) - Florida International University 
  • Masters in Oriental Medicine - Acupuncture & Massage College  ( In Progress  2021)


  • Licensed Massage Therapist (2015)
  • Board Certified Athletic Trainer (2018)
  • Certified Strength Coach (2017)


If you are looking for a more in-depth recovery solution to achieving optimal health, then you are in the right place with MyoRenew.

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